Value of a dollar

Welcome all

Today (December 3, 2012) a beautiful idea was born. I was in my thinking place lol, the bathtub. (yeah, yeah) I was reading Wealth file #14 in Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Eker. This file states that “Rich people manage their money well. Poor people mismanage their money.” T. Harv Eker goes on to support this statement and he suggest opening a Financial Freedom Account. Put 10% of every dollar you receive into this account. To only be used for investments or creating passive income streams. Then he gives an example of a girl who did this with just a 10% of one dollar the first month then 10% two dollars the second and so one until she was on her 24th month. During this month she received a 10,000 bonus check and since she had been properly managing her money she was able to put the whole check into her financial freedom account. My thought pattern went just like this: I want to do this with a dollar a day but where am I going to get this dollar. How about I ask someone different for a dollar everyday…a random person. Oh yes, this sounds like I could have a lot of fun, meet some new people, get some good laughs. Then I remembered a man whom I ran into one day. He needed gas so he took all the items out of his trunk and traded them for cash. I thought yes this is what I will do I will trade something for a dollar everyday. Then one step futher…I will blog about it. I got out of the tub yelling to my husband I have another great idea lol. I explained it to him he says “babes that’s you, 100%”

Now, being the millionaire in training that I am, goes right into action mode. (Problem) I know me there is no way im sitting down on my computer to write a blog everyday (Solution)if I can get an app, now that can work! I downloaded this WordPress app. I do not know anything about WordPress or blogging so this is my learning curve (bear with me). As I always get better!

This is the current plan. I am going to go out everyday and talk to at least one person and ask them to trade one dollar for an item. This item will always change. It could be worth less than a dollar or more than a dollar. It could be as simple as a pen or as great as a new car. As you read, comment and share my blog I would like for you to keep in mind it is for fun but there are very serious habits at work here. I also suggest reading the books mentioned thru out my blog (I call this “updating the files”). I would like to thank all of my follower and friends for reading. Enjoy and love more people!

Tannj Gardner